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Join our team of talented and inspiring people and undertake meaningful work from day one as you apply your knowledge in challenging real-world situations. Our graduate and summer intern programs are a great way to kick-start your career with Australia's central bank. Be more with us.

Reserve Bank Graduate Program

You have been studying for your future and now it is time to take the next step. As a graduate, you will complete a two-year rotational Graduate Development Program that offers all the mentorship, coaching, personal development opportunities and support you need to get your career started. Plus, you will have access to the tools, training and skills-building opportunities you need to prosper.

As a graduate with us, you will hit the ground running and work on exciting projects in a friendly and approachable environment where people collaborate rather than feel the need to compete. We value the ideas and viewpoints of every individual, which has created an incredibly diverse workplace where you can be yourself.

Our flexible working model, where our people work both in the office and from home, is a great example of how you can take control of your life and wellbeing when working with us.

Graduate program streams

Applications for the 2025 graduate program are now closed. Please drop an email to for any queries.

Explore each of the business streams available for our graduate program and see where your future could take you.

Economic and Finance

Our industry-recognised program will launch your career and is a great opportunity for emerging economists and financial analysts looking to make a difference to the lives of all Australians.

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Henry Edwards, RBA Grad Program

So, I think starting a new job, it's only natural to have some nerves, a little bit of anxiety, mixed in with that excitement. You kind of pinch yourself and think ‘Wow, do I really belong here, I'm surrounded by so many brilliant, really clever people?’.

So, one of the things I really enjoy about the RBA, is there is a lot of support. It's a very open environment and we're encouraged to ask questions, no matter how silly we think they may be. Managers are more than willing to give their time to help junior staff understand something, or grapple with a concept that they're struggling with.

We do have very good access to senior management. It's part of the culture. People at the bank actually really enjoy helping each other.

Just before the monetary policy decision we'll have a meeting with the rest of the financial markets group, and the Governor and Deputy Governor. It's an open forum; we'll talk through developments; we'll get asked questions. The first time I got a question from the Governor, to be honest, it is daunting, I won't lie.

I think grads are trusted because it's a part of the culture. We spend all day looking at our specialisations. So, we do gain a pretty good expertise.

Jin Lim, RBA Grad Program

We are expected to contribute, and we are encouraged to contribute like any other staff member.

It is challenging work. It is work that matters, and it is an environment where I feel like I'm always learning.

When I first joined the bank, I had the opportunity to work on one of the bank's wide-ranging policy responses to the pandemic, and in particular, this policy expanded the bank's collateral framework to include investment-grade corporate bonds.

So, working on that particular policy was really interesting because it wasn't what I expected when I first joined the bank. Before joining the bank, you expect to be working in macroeconomics, thinking about the macro economy, but working on this particular policy, it was very much understanding the functioning of financial markets, and the details around particular structures of financial instruments.

The way I think about it is: the bank's understanding of the microeconomics of different markets helps build a picture and an understanding of the macro environment.

There are opportunities to work in a whole bunch of different policy areas. You have the opportunity to pursue what you're interested in.

Henry Edwards, RBA Grad Program

When you're early in your career, and someone senior takes the time to sit down with you and talk through a concept, I think it's invaluable: the learning that you get from that and just feeling like you're valued and part of a team, and respected. I really love it.

Information Technology

We offer outstanding opportunities to work hands-on with leading-edge technologies within industry-aligned frameworks.

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Daniel Hartshorne, RBA IT Grad Program

So, I think one of the particular worries I have when I start a new job is the type of work I'm going to be doing. I really want to be doing meaningful work. I think quite often you hear horror stories of young people or graduates starting new jobs and they're just getting coffees for partners or doing the work that no one wants to do.

I think the biggest thing I enjoy about working at the RBA is the opportunities that I've been given.

I think it was in my first 3 or 4 months at the bank: I was actually given the opportunity to coordinate and organise a roll out a new piece of technology at the bank. So, my manager gave me full responsibility and complete control of how we rolled out this technology and I was actually responsible for dealing with all the stakeholders, presenting to end-users. They really respected and trusted my knowledge.

They've really given me the opportunity to exit my comfort zone by providing us opportunities that maybe someone in IT normally wouldn't get, or by providing opportunities that are usually reserved for more senior employees.

I think one of the great things about the RBA is their use of technology. So, I think one project that will be really challenging is our cloud containerisation project. One of the challenges we'll need to consider is these applications need to have extremely high availability, because we're supporting the Australian payments system, they can't afford to have any downtime.

Chantel Dias, RBA IT Grad Program

I do find there are times where you are thrown in the deep end. But they always have someone, like a buddy or someone you work with within the team, to always support you to make sure that you're OK. And they always schedule catch-ups.

So, the buddy program's really good because it does show you what you've learnt at uni and how to apply it in a real-world situation. A project that I was involved with was to look after some of the vendor applications for two of our business units. This is something you really don't learn at university. You don't learn how to look after different applications, as well as how to communicate with businesspeople who don't necessarily know the technological jargon.

I think the grad program is a really good way to develop communication skills because not only do you work with internal stakeholders within IT but you work with business stakeholders, as well as sometimes external stakeholders.

At first, given a huge level of responsibility can be really daunting, however, I do think people are supportive of graduates at the RBA. Everyone, even senior executive leaders, always come up to you and tell you that if you have any questions, to definitely ask them, and that no question is silly or stupid.

And I've found that they're more than happy to jump on a Zoom call or come to you and talk to you in person, to help you find a solution to the problem you're having.

I really like working at the RBA as it gives me a chance to challenge myself, do really interesting projects as well as work with different people.

I definitely think people do treat you as a professional, even though I am a grad.

It's a really good feeling to be trusted, especially with your capabilities and your skills, because you know you're doing something right. And even though you do make mistakes, it's always good to know that people have your back as well as people always there to help you.

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Meet our graduates


Manager, IT Security

The RBA graduate experience is a unique opportunity in your career development to move around different teams and experience their world. This gives you a broad understanding of how IT operates as a whole, rather than going straight into a single specialty.
Photograph of Alistair


Graduate analyst

A graduate position was offered to me after I interned at the RBA over the summer. I have always regarded the RBA as one of the most prestigious career opportunities available to economists, and I was attracted to the idea of striving for the best economic outcomes and quality of life for the general public.
Photograph of Madeleine


Acting Manager of Prices, Wages & Labour Market Section

During the graduate program I received substantial amounts of training on non-technical aspects of working, such as time management and presentation skills. Later the RBA sponsored me to complete a Masters and PhD in Economics in the United Kingdom.
Photograph of Martin



I wanted to do meaningful work at an organisation with a strong sense of purpose and I have found that both of these are embedded in the RBA culture. Also because they have a reputation for having some of the best economists at all levels of seniority and being able to work alongside them was really appealing.
Photograph of Katie

Reserve Bank Summer Intern Program

Our Summer Intern Program is an excellent opportunity for high-achieving students to get first-hand experience of what it is like to work in Australia's central bank. Through the intern program we provide work experience and financial support during the final year of study to students who have the potential to be successful graduates at the RBA. The intern program runs over a paid eight-week work placement during summer. Applications have now closed, the next Economic and Finance Program is due to open for applications in mid-2025.

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Life at the RBA

We create an environment where people are encouraged to succeed and support and development is available throughout your graduate journey. We provide a range of employee benefits and we're flexible too, so you can get the most of life at work, professionally and personally.

Application and selection process

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Opportunities for students and graduates

Economics and Finance

Launch your career through our industry-recognised program – a great opportunity for emerging economists and financial analysts interested in making a difference to the lives of all Australians.

Information Technology

Graduates with technical and non-technical skills are well-suited to IT roles at the RBA. We offer outstanding opportunities to work hands-on with leading-edge technologies within industry-aligned frameworks.

Payments Settlements

Graduates have a unique opportunity to work in our Payments Settlements Department, which is responsible for operating critical infrastructure that supports the Australian payments system, including the Fast Settlement Service, which provides real-time settlement for payments made using the New Payments Platform.

Summer Intern Program

Our Summer Intern Program is an excellent opportunity for high-achieving students to get first-hand experience working in Australia's central bank. The Program is designed to provide work experience and financial support during the final year of study to students who have the potential to be successful graduates at the RBA.

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